David Bowie is..

An exhibition which left me even more in awe of David Bowie, completely amazed by his famous androgyny and cross-gender dressing. The chance to see his original outfits, all of which were designed specifically for him for his tours. His clothes were mainly designed by Kansai Yamamoto, who designed the most amazing show pieces; “He has an unusual face, neither man nor woman, which suited me as a designer because most of my clothes are for either sex”

But the garments which I was most looking forward to seeing, were the amazing suits that Bowie wore, mainly designed by Freddie Burretti. The beautiful “Ice Blue’ suit which Kate Moss was also photographed in, completely showing the androgynous side of his clothing.

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    This is coming to Chicago next year! SUPER EXCITED!
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    Awesome photos, it was so great to see his clothes and he really rocked them well. I loved that brown suit with the...
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